Penguin Swimming hosts a number of swim meets throughout the course of the swim season. Each family is required to provide one official each day, for all Penguin Swimming hosted swim meets.

At the time of registration, families are required to remit $50 post dated cheques for each day of a hosted swim meet. Failure of a family to provide an official (or suitable replacement) for each day of a hosted swim meet will result in their bond cheque being cashed.

Dates of current Penguin Swimming Hosted Meets is listed on the Hosted Meets page. *Note: Meet information posted on the Hosted Meets page is for visiting teams only - information for Penguin swimmers is in the Upcoming Events/Meets section.

To officiate at swim meets, parents/guardians will be required to become a certified official.

1st Season Level 1 Intro to Swim Officiating (Timer)
Level 1 Safety Marshal
2nd Season
All 1st season requirements
Level 2 Chief Timer
Level 2 Stroke & Turn Judge
3rd Season All 2nd season requirements

Level 1 Officials Clinics

Intro to Swim Officiating (Timer)
Safety Marshal

Level 2 Officials Clinics

Chief Timer
Stroke and Turn Judge
Chief Finish Judge
Clerk of Course
Meet Manager

Level 3 Referee


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