COVID-19 Expectations
COVID-19 Practice Procedures

MacEwan Adult COVID-19 Waiver (Parents and Masters Swimmers)
MacEwan Minor COVID-19 Waiver (Swimmers under 18)

Daily Practice COVID-19 Screening


Penguin Daily Practice COVID-19 Screening Checklist

  • Online checklist must be completed PRIOR to EVERY practice
  • Multiple links to the checklist are on the Penguin Swimming website
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in practice if the Daily Practice COVID-19 Screening Checklist has not been completed PRIOR to practice

Entering Building

  • Mask AND Suit ON PRIOR to entering building
  • Enter via pull doors (north side entrance)
  • Access through entrance gates will be granted 10min PRIOR to practice start time
  • On deck water fountain not available - fill using filling stations outside change rooms

Change Rooms

  • No deck access via Family change rooms
  • If arriving at the change room doors late - and not able to get through the change room before the start of water time - enter deck doors beside men’s change room
  • Swimmers only have 5 min of change room time
  • Leave in Change Room (Locker) - towel, swim bag, all clothing, jacket(s), shoes/boots
  • Take on Deck - goggles, cap, water bottle, medications (inhalers etc.), flip-flops/deck shoes, equipment/mesh bag (fins, pull bouys, finger paddles etc.)


Swimmers on Deck

  • Follow on deck directional arrows unless otherwise specified by coach
  • Coaching staff will assign designated area for swimmers to wait prior to practice
  • Ideally coaches will limit on deck time as best as possible during practice
  • Swimmers are to stay 2m away from lifeguards/staff and other rental group swimmers

Swimmers in the Water

  • There will be a limit on the number of swimmers per lane
  • Coaches will ideally space out swimmers the best they can during practice

Change Rooms / Exiting Building

  • Swimmers only have 10-12 min of change room time (steam room is unavailable)
  • Exit via sliding doors (south side entrance)


Individual Swimmers(s)

  • Families/swimmer(s) are to inform the team immediately of a positive COVID-19 test
  • Additional requirements needed in order to return to swimming (ie. negative COVID-19 test, doctor’s note, no signs/symptoms etc.), will be communicated to the family/swimmer

Cohort Group

  • The team will inform the particular cohort that they will need to isolate for 14 days
  • Families/masters swimmers will be informed of a planned return to swimming date


  • An appropriate amount of training fees compensation due to COVID-19 missed practices will be reviewed, considering the required one week notice needed to cancel pool time

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