Team Philosophy

Building Great People and Champions


To provide a supportive team atmosphere where individuals are encouraged and expected to pursue personal excellence. To attain this goal, the team believes in:

  1. Assisting athletes with the need to learn positive life skills;
  2. Providing a supportive team atmosphere where individuals are expected and encouraged to pursue personal excellence;
  3. Implementing a developmentally appropriate long term athlete development (LTAD) model from beginner to elite athlete; and
  4. Promoting the sport of competitive swimming.

Core Values:

Penguin Swimming has identified certain values that lie at the centre of the team’s philosophy. The following "Core Values" are the fundamental principles that shape the character of our team, and guide how the team behaves and makes decisions.

  1. Personal Excellence. Regardless of age or ability, everyone strives to do their best and reach their own personal goals. It is the responsibility of each individual to positively contribute to the team by striving for personal excellence.
  2. Responsibility. Penguin Swimming has adapted a "no excuses" policy. All athletes, parents, and coaches must take responsibility for actions and decisions.
  3. Respect. Every team member deserves to be treated with consideration and respect. By treating others as we wish to be treated, and through recognition of their worth, we can all be successful in our shared pursuit of team goals.
  4. Community. Penguin Swimming values the community in which the team lives and operates. Each member becomes a better person by contributing back to the community.
  5. Developmentally Appropriate. The activities of the team need to challenge all individuals at appropriate levels to avoid burnout and over training.
  6. Commitment. Commitment is necessary for success. There are many options within the team, and individual athletes and families must first make a choice, and then follow through with 100% commitment.

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